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Each client has unique character and desires. Reut Zagoni and Sivan Goltz know how to express them in the small details that create a unique and unforgettable experience. For the past 8 years our company specializes in designing custom made conceptual events and home styling. We provide design solutions for any space planning, from designing conceptual events to interior design. We also enjoy combining the two when we design an event.

Our lives are dynamic, ever-changing and updating at any given moment. Technological design innovations, trends and inspirations pop up all the time. We always make sure we are up to date, in order to provide a relevant and professional service combined with original solutions without compromise, to meet the proper budgets, times, and focus on all the small details that will bring an aesthetic, perfect outcome.

We provide our support and our services throughout the process until the day of the event.

The end result is the most exciting. From thought into practice, an idea and a dream become a reality.

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